News Anchor Freak-Outs Caught On Live TV

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Anything can go wrong on live news, which means the hardest part of the job for those brave souls who sit in the anchor's chair is remaining calm and collected no matter what happens. For the most part, they do an admirable job, but occasionally their emotions get the best of them. Here's a look at some news anchor freakouts caught on live TV…

Cooper can't take it | 0:22

No Joy for O'Reilly | 0:59

Bill Maher slams the door | 1:31

Charlo Green sparks up controversy | 2:01

Jim Ryan vs. Dick Oliver | 2:31

Liz Wahl is nobody's puppet | 3:07

Brooke Baldwin can't believe her ears | 3:44

Mika Brzezinski's burning rage | 4:22

Journalism 101 with professor Kate Bolduan | 4:58

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