Fallout 76 Building - How to get Metal Walls and Door (Fallout 76 Vendors)

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fallout 76 base building / fallout 76 base design, today i thought id bring you a simple fallout 76 guide on how to get the fallout 76 metal walls and metal door. this method can also be used to find the fallout 76 switch from the same vendors that i always use to buy my fallout 76 building plans from. fallout 76 blueprints the fallout 76 build budget and some fallout 76 building plan locations. i will try and do more fallout 76 building tips videos as and when i find more interesting tips to share. Fallout 76 is now live on Xbox one and PC, i have been testing the fallout 76 base building and put this simple fallout 76 base building guide together to get you started. this covers the basic fallout 76 base building as i still need to progress my player to get all the BP's to upgrade my fallout 76 base. as i progress in fallout 76 i will try to post more fallout 76 guides and tutorials to help you along the way and share the mistake i make along with the cool things i find. ideally i want to make some fallout 76 trap bases and just overall fallout 76 base design tutorials. you can play fallout 76 beta now on Xbox with fallout 76 coming to ps4 and PC soon so join us on the wasteland. i will also try to get some fallout 76 tips and tricks videos done as well.

fallout 76 beta times are posted each day via the Fallout social media so make sure you keep up to date with them so you can get on early.

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Fallout 76 is the first time you’ll be able to explore the Wasteland with other players and as such, some systems have been adapted to suit this exciting new adventure. If you’re excited for Fallout 76, chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of time in Fallout 4, exploring the Commonwealth, establishing your settlements and just trying to survive in a harsh, post-nuclear world. You’ll still have all those options when you hop into Fallout 76, but you may notice a few things are a little different. Fallout 76 is the first time you’ll be able to explore the Wasteland with other players, and as such, some systems have been adapted to suit this exciting new adventure

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