Best Settlement Locations - Forest | Fallout 76

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Because there is so much going on in the beta right now. I feel like everyone is ignoring (including me) one of the biggest new features of fallout 76, the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform. When I started using it I found that finding a spot was the hardest part, so where are a few places to set down and make a C.A.M.P.

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Scorchbeast: https://youtu.be/JDg68DiTRQA

Frog Monster: https://youtu.be/i-kHkXrSQF8

Wendigo: https://youtu.be/Rfea3IHmy3E

Flatwoods Monster: https://youtu.be/Tc5JnhWrwyU

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Greenbrier: https://youtu.be/_xTsIP0OF5g

Snallygaster - https://youtu.be/Z0K6S8dcB3w

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"We’re blown away by the response to the B.E.T.A. Still sorting out the details but we’ll start letting you break-it in October. First on XB1, then PS4 and PC. #PleaseStandBy #Fallout76 https://beth.games/2JMBVHZ"


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